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How to get a Portuguese death certificate?

Portuguese death certificate: Obtaining a copy of a death certificate for someone who has passed away in Portugal can be difficult if you do not speak Portuguese or are not familiar with the registration processes in Portugal. Fortunately Worldwide Lawyers are here to help and can obtain a Portuguese death certificate on your behalf.

  • Where the death happened *
    • Country *
    • District *
    • County *
    • Parish *
  • Date of death *
  • Details of whom the certificate concerns *
    • Full name *
    • Civil ID Number
    • Registration Number/Year
    • Date of birth *
    • Mother’s name
    • Father’s name
    • Their nationality *
      • District *
      • County *
      • Parish *
    • Address to which the certificate will be sent *
    • Cause for request of certificate *

Further more, The more information you are able to provide the easier it will be to obtain the certificate. The details marked with an asterisk* are mandatory to allow us to obtain a copy of a death certificate from to register a death in portugal, what to do when someone dies in portugal, cremation in portugal, funeral costs in portugal, practices associated around illness and death in portugal, funeral arrangements in portugal, portuguese funeral traditions, can you be buried in portugal

I need the Portuguese death certificate of a family member.

This service is by postal mail only.

Please send to the Consulate the following documents:

  • Copy of your old certificate OR a copy of a valid Portuguese identification document (if you don’t have any of these documents, write in a paper your full name, date of birth, and full name of your parents);
  • Cover letter explaining the service you require and your contacts (email and cell phone number);
  • Money Order payable to “Consulate of Portugal” on the amount of 24,25 dollars (certificate + regular mail). If you require priority mail, the Money Order should be on the amount of 31,45 (certificate + priority mail).
  • The money order must be signed and show your address.

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