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Procedure to buy Paraguay driver’s license

Buy Paraguay driver’s license: You can convert or exchange a foreign driver license in the municipalities of the area where you live and get a Paraguay driver license. Following are the list of municipalities and their contact information which will be helpful : Municipalities Contact Info (In Spanish)
Following are the documents that you require for getting s driver license.
Copy of Foreign driver license
Copy of Blood Test
Eye vision Test
In some cases they will ask for a proof of residency. (this document, you can get, going to the nearest police station where you stay, with two witnesses- with copy of their cedula).
If you don’t have the blood card and the eye test results, mostly there will be a lab near the municipality where you could get it done.
If you could approach the municipality with these documents they should be able to help you with your driver license.

So, for the first time I have to do south America by car (well a yanactually). This is to help a friend with a book she wants to do on a music movement of the nueva cancion (which by the way if you know anything on la nueva cancion, I would greatly appreciate all the help).We’ll be there for over a year and we’ll need a van to live in have some equipment in and so on, and we thought to buy this van or truck there because of prices (any suggestions would be good here). My question is this, what do you know about the purchase, registration and all that paperwork of a vehicle in south America? I have two passports, one french and one American, but only an American driver’s license, is it really necessary to get some kind of an international license?Well, there you go, if you can help me I would love it, if not may be you can pass this mail on to someone else for me.Thank you and enjoy your travels wherever you are at the moment.LegReg


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