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Kazakhstan death certificate may be obtained online in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan death certificate: Kazakhstanis who have lost their loved ones can receive a death certificate on the portal, reports, citing the press service of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
It is noted that with the launch of this service, the requirements for the mandatory provision of a medical certificate of death and perinatal death, as well as a certificate of state registration of death, are excluded. To get a certificate, it is enough to enter the IIN of the deceased. On the portal, in the “Family” section, go to the “Marital status” subsection, select the “Notification of state registration of death” service, order it and sign it by the EDS. death certificate on, death certificate on spanish, death certificate on india, death certificate on cadeath certificate after autopsy, death certificate after miscarriage, death certificate after 21 days, death certificate after cremation, death certificate after inquest, death certificate after death, death certificate after 10 years, death certificate after post mortem,

Kazakhstan death certificate: The result can be found in the user’s personal account on the portal. The reason for the refusal may be the incorrectly filled out data or the absence of a death record. In the first case, you need to check the data and try to re-order the service, and in the second case – contact an authorized government agency.
This service has become available due to integration with the information systems of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan – all data is taken from the information systems of the state body.

Next of kin and Kazakhstan death certificate

Kazakhstan death certificate: The next of kin of the person who died will usually need to make decisions and practical arrangements. The next of kin can sometimes appoint another person to act on their behalf. If you are not the next of kin, they will need to be informed. If required, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office can help you do this. There is no legal definition of next of kin in the UK. Please note that if there is a disagreement over who is the next of kin, or the person who died did not choose a next of kin, this can cause additional complications. death certificate required, death certificate in chennai, death certificate in tamilnadu, death certificate in kerala, death certificate in karnataka, death certificate in delhi, death certificate in spanish, death certificate in up

The Kazakh law on marriage and family gives the Kazakh legal definition of close relatives (‘близкие родственники’) and they are parents (including adoptive parents), children (including adopted children), siblings and half-siblings, grandparents, grandchildren.


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