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Study in Croatia and buy IELTS certificate in Croatia

IELTS certificate in Croatia: The Croatian higher education system has a long educational tradition preserved primarily through the work of its public universities.

Croatia has a binary higher education system, meaning that prospective students can choose between two types of higher education studies:

  • University studies consisting of academic programmes that are conducted solely at universities
  • Professional studies consisting of professional programmes conducted at polytechnics or colleges of applied sciences (exceptionally, professional programmes can also be implemented at universities)

The Croatian higher education system is now structured according to three cycles (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate) and higher education studies in Croatia are organised according to the system of transferable credits, thus making it easier for international students (from Europe and beyond) to study in Croatia and have their studies recognised in their home countries. ielts test croatia, ielts test dates croatia, ielts zagreb, british council zagreb ispiti, cambridge certifikát, cambridge ispiti, british council prijava, cambridge diploma za engleski jezik, cambridge english test day photo consent form, embassy jobs croatia

Why study in Croatia to buy IELTS certificate in Croatia?

IELTS certificate in Croatia:

1. Tuition and living costs are affordable

You don’t need to rob a bank in order to study in Croatia. Most Bachelor’s programmes cost between 800 and 4,000 EUR per academic year. Tuition fees for Master’s programmes vary more, but they are still more affordable than what you’d pay at a Western university. The same thing is true for living costs, which will take 400–700 EUR out of your pocket every month. You shouldn’t face any language barriers while in Croatia, especially in popular places like Zagreb, Rijeka, and Istria. Statistically speaking, around 80% of Croatians speak multiple languages, with English being the most widely spoken. While Croatian universities don’t usually provide any funding, the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education does. It comes in the form of bilateral agreements, Erasmus Plus programmes, or other mobility opportunities.

4. Enjoy the natural beauty and local climate

IELTS certificate in Croatia: In their spare time, students can have fun by visiting the most beautiful Croatian sites. With a rich cultural heritage and large area of unspoiled natural land, there are many options available We recommend visiting: the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Krka National Park, Diocletian’s Palace, the Walls of Dubrovnik, the Golder Horn, the Kvarner Gulf, Stradun, etc.


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