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Uruguayan nationality law and how to Buy Uruguay passport online

Buy Uruguay passport online: Uruguayan nationality law is mostly based on the principle of Jus soli. Its rules are written in the Uruguayan Constitution in Section III, Chapter I. Dual Citizenship is permitted under Uruguayan law, and people who naturalise as Uruguayan citizens are not obligated to renounce their previous nationality.

The criteria for natural citizenship are listed below, as per the revision of the 20th December 2015.

  • Those is born within the territory of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.
  • Those born in Uruguay, the children of foreign parents, except if the parents are in the country for diplomatic service reasons.
  • Those born abroad, if one of his parents (or both) is Uruguayan.
  • Those born abroad, if at least one of his grandparents is Uruguayan.

Legal citizens and where to Buy Uruguay passport online

Buy Uruguay passport online: A legal citizen is someone who obtained citizenship through naturalisation. This is usually based on period of time living in Uruguay and being able to show sufficient income or assets to live. One can obtain the Uruguayan citizenship in three different ways:

  • After 3 years of residence in the country if have a family (married or recognised union and/or children also living with you in Uruguay)
  • After five years of residence.
  • In very exceptional cases, by grant of the General Assembly of Uruguay to a person who has made a noteworthy contribution to Uruguay or has excellent merits.

Legal citizens are not able to obtain the Uruguayan nationality, which will have an impact on which countries allow visa free travel to Uruguayan legal citizens compared to Uruguayan nationals.

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