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Buy Ukrainian passport online: The Ukrainian international passport follows international standards. The first Ukrainian passports (replacing the previous Soviet Union passport type) were introduced on 4 June 1994, while the machine-readable passports with two machine-readable strings at the bottom of the first page first appeared in 1997. The current Ukrainian international passport is a biometric one. If, based on religious beliefs, a citizen does not wish to receive a biometric passport, he/she can apply for a non-biometric one, providing a written statement before applying for the document.

Buy Ukrainian passport online: Photos in the passports issued since 2007 are black and white, laser imprinted. As a security feature, an additional holder’s photo is specially imprinted to be seen only when looking to the light through the page of the passport. Previously, passports used to be issued either with a glued-in colour photo or with a colour imprinted photo. The previously issued passports are valid until their expiration date. renew ukrainian passport online, ukrainian passport, ukraine passport, ukraine pass, ukraine passport renewal online

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Buy Ukrainian passport online; New biometric international passports have dark blue cover and contain 32 pages. Covers of the international passports issued in 1990s were red, allowing easy visual distinction from blue-color internal passports. By default, the first and last names in the international passport are transliterated from Ukrainian to English according to the National transliteration system (2010). However, any person has an option to request the desired English spelling of his first and last name, if he holds any document already having that spelling. Previously International Passports were issued only to citizens aged 18 and older (16 and older in case of permanent foreign residency).Prior to that age, Ukrainian citizens could get a Travel Document of a Child (PR type) similar in appearance to the passport valid for 3 years, and has only 8 pages. In some rare case Ukrainian citizens were allowed to have International Passport before the age of 18 or 16, but it also is valid for only 3 years. If a child holding Ukrainian citizenship has been adopted by a foreign citizen — he or she may get regular International Passport, which is valid for 10 years, just as for adults, instead of getting Child Travel Document.


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