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Driving licence in Turkey and how to Buy Turkish driving licence

Buy Turkish driving licence: Driving license in Turkey (TurkishSürücü belgesi) is a document issued by the relevant government agency, regional or local security force, confirming the holder is qualified to drive motor vehicles. Driving licence exams are regulated by the Ministry of National Education (Turkey) while the licence is issued by the General Directorate of Security.

On 1 January 2016, new laws concerning Turkish driving licences were implemented. The changes are intended to bring Turkey more in line with existing EU driving regulations and concern all road users in Turkey. A foreign national can drive in Turkey with an EU licence for six months. After six months, it must be converted to a Turkish licence. Application can be made to any Traffic Registration office, and the foreign driving licences will not be returned to holders. turkish driving licence in uk, turkish driving licence in europe, turkish driving licence in ireland, turkish driving licence in netherlands, turkish driving licence in germany, turkish driving licence in canada, turkish driving licence in qata, turkish driving licence for foreigners, turkish driver license,

Buy Turkish driving licence: Instead they will be sent to the issuing authority of the country of origin. For example, applications made by British nationals will be sent to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The DVLA says that expats can drive in the UK on a Turkish licence for up to twelve months, and if they wish to settle in the UK, the Turkish licence cannot be exchanged for a UK licence and a practical test has to be passed.  In Turkey, you must be at least eighteen years old in order to drive a car and at least seventeen to drive a motorbike. The driving test comprises a practical and theory test, which has been recently made tougher in order to meet European Union regulations. turkish driving licence categories, driving in turkey 2019, turkish driving license exam questions, turkey driving license expiry date, international driving license turkey, foreign driving license in turkey

Requirements for Turkish citizens and Buy Turkish driving licence

In order to get a licence, applicant must fulfill these requirements:

  • Driving school certificate
  • Original and photocopy of ID card
  • Health Report
  • Blood group document
  • Two photos, one biometric photo
  • Driver’s licence card fees
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Finger print


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