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Buy Spanish passport online: Traditionally, considerations about the Spanish nationality had been (successively) regulated by constitutional articles: the 5th article of the 1812 Cádiz Constitution, 1st article of the 1837 Constitution, 1st Article of the 1845 Constitution, 2nd article of the unpromulgated 1856 Constitution, 1st article of the 1869 Constitution and 1st article of the 1876 Constitution. Lacking an overarching unifying legal body, the current regulation about nationality in Spain is contained in 17–28th articles of the Civil Code, 63–68th articles of the Civil Registry Law, 220–237th articles of the Civil Registry Regulations and in a number of instructions and resolutions from the Directorate General for Registers and Notaries.

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Buy Spanish passport online: The original text of the 1889 Civil Code was partially or wholly amended by the 23th and 24th articles of the 1931 Constitution (which opened a way for exploring double citizenship agreements with Ibero–American countries), and the 1954, 1975, 1982, 1990, and 2002 laws. The current constitution of 1978 is the first that does not define Spanish nationality. Rather, article 11 establishes that Spanish nationality is acquired, preserved and lost in accordance with the provisions of the law (Spanish“la nacionalidad española se adquiere, se conserva y se pierde de acuerdo con lo establecido por la ley”). It is also the first constitution that emphasises that a español de origen (“Spaniard by origin”) cannot be deprived of their nationality. On 13 July 1982, and in accordance to what had been established in the constitution, the first law regarding nationality was approved, which was in fact an amendment to the Spanish Civil Code in effect. This law has been reformed on 17 December 1990, 23 December 1993, 2 November 1995, and most recently 2 October 2002.


Buy Spanish passport online: Spanish nationality can be acquired by naturalisation, which is only granted at the discretion of the government through a Royal Decree, and under exceptional circumstances, for example to notable individuals. Also, any individual can request Spanish nationality after a period of continuous legal residence in Spain, as long as he or she is 18 years or older, or through a legal representative if he or she is younger. Under Article 22, to apply for nationality through residence it is necessary for the individual to have legally resided in Spain. renew spanish passport online, spanish passport check online, renew spanish passport online uk, spanish passport photo online, apply spanish passport online, can you apply for a spanish passport online, can you renew spanish passport online, apply for spanish passport online, can i renew my spanish passport online, spanish passport renewal online, spanish nationality online tracking


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