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Buy Slovenian driving licence: Visitors riding or driving in Slovenia must have reached the minimum age required to drive/ride a vehicle of equivalent category even if they are qualified to drive at a lower age in their country of residence. You must be 18 or over to drive a private motor vehicle in Slovenia. If you need European breakdown cover for a short time, why not try our Single Trip European Breakdown Cover, starting from just £6. If you travel to Europe on a regular basis, then our annual European cover product is right for you. slovenia driver’s license, slovenia vignette online purchase, slovenia toll roads map, driving licence in slovenia for foreigners, driving in slovenia, slovenia vignette fine, can you drive through slovenia covid, where to buy austrian vignette in slovenia, vignette croatia

Important documents:

Buy Slovenian driving licence: While driving in Slovenia you are required by law to carry the following items. Hefty on-the-spot fines can be issued for failing to carry specific items:

  • Headlamp beam deflectors (Depending on your car, you will either need deflector stickers or have to adjust the beam manually.)
  • A first-aid kit, fire extinguisher and spare bulbs are compulsory aboard all motor vehicles registered to slovenia.
  • Warning triangle (A vehicle with a trailer, and a motor vehicle at the rear of a column (if the vehicles are travelling in convoy) must carry two triangles.)
  • All vehicles must have their lights on day and night.
  • Reflective Jacket (for use when walking on the road at night or daytime.)
  • Motorcyclists (Safety helmets are compulsory for drivers and passengers of mopeds and motorcycles.)

Travelling with children and how to Buy Slovenian driving licence

Children less than 150 cm in height, travelling in vehicles registered in Slovenia or abroad, must use special seat belts adapted to their size or special child restraints, both at the front and at the rear of the vehicle. Child restraints must conform to ECE standard 44/03 or 44/04. If the child is transported on the front seat in a rear-facing child restraint, the airbag must be de-activated.




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