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Application procedure for San Marino passport online

San Marino passport online: Applications for a San Marino passport are lodged at the Passport Office in San Marino (or, in the case of citizens living overseas, at San Marino diplomatic missions) with the following documents:[2]

  • completed passport application form [3]
  • certificates of birth, citizenship, residence (or relevant self-certification form)
  • certificates of criminal record, pending suit and full civil capacity (to be issued by the Court without stamp duty)
  • two photographs, one of which certified by the Registrar of Vital Statistics (also in this case it is possible to use the self-certification form)

In general, the processing time for a passport application is 15 days.

The application fee is €100 for applicants aged over 14, €50 for applicants aged 3–14 and €30 for applicants aged under 3.

In 2014, San Marino citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 151 countries and territories, ranking the Sammarinese passport 16th.[clarification needed][3] It is currently (2018), along with the Serbian passport and the Bosnian passport, the only European “ordinary” passports to provide visa-free access to China; of all nationals who can travel visa-free to China, the citizens of San Marino and Bosnia and Herzegovina are granted the longest period of stay (90 days). san marino passport visa-free countries, san marino passport by investment, liechtenstein passport, san marino passport ranking, san marino library passport, san marino residence permit, san marino entry requirements

CITIZENSHIP OF SAN MARINO and San Marino passport online

San Marino passport online: Citizenship in San Marino is obtained by birth when the father and mother are both San Marino citizens. When only a single parent is a citizen of San Marino, within 12 months after child reaches the age of 18, both parents must declare that they wish to choose the citizenship of the parent that is a citizen of San Marino.

Citizenship in San Marino is also obtained by birth in the Republic, in case both parents are unknown or stateless.

The children of all San Marino citizens of 18 years of age, who continue to reside in in the territory of San Marino for a minimum of 10 years, can obtain citizenship.

San Marino passport online: One of the requirements to obtain this citizenship is good conduct; the applicant must not have been convicted of a criminal offence domestically or abroad, moreover, the applicant must not have been charged with a prison penalty or interdiction for over 1 year. In cases of naturalization, citizenship is awarded to a foreign person by the Grand and General Council with legal provisions to be passed with a qualified two-thirds majority.

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