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The Russian passport (officially in RussianЗаграничный паспорт гражданина Российской Федерации – ‘Transborder passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation’) is a booklet issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Russian citizens for international travel. This external Russian passport is distinct from the internal Russian passport, which is a mandatory identity document for travel and identification purposes within Russia. Russian citizens must use their Russian passports when leaving or entering Russia, unless traveling to/from a country where the Russian internal ID is recognised as a valid travel document. renew russian passport online, apply for russian passport online, russian passport, russia passport, russische konsulat passport,

Buy Russian passport online: After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Soviet Union passport continued to be issued until 1997 with a validity of 5 years, when the first modern Russian passport are known to be issued. The first version of passports issued in 1997 was handwritten. Passports issued from 2000 to 2010 were machine-readable passports, had a validity of 5 years and included 36 pages. In 2006, Russia issued the first machine-readable biometric passports and in 2010, the design of the biometric passports was modified to include 46 pages and have a validity of 10 years.

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Citizens under 18 traveling without either of their parents must have written consent of both parents allowing their departure from the country. When a child travels with one parent, consent of another parent is not required. Articles 20 and 21 of the Federal Law “On the entry in the Russian Federation and departure from the Russian Federation” govern only departure from Russia and have nothing to do with the requirements of other countries regarding entry to these countries. russian passport number, russkij passport, russian passport renewal online

In addition to regular passports there are two special-purpose types of passports for travelling abroad: diplomatic passports and service passports (issued to government employees abroad on official business).



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