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EU Driving Licences and how to Buy Malta driving licence

Buy Malta driving licence: Holders of a valid driving licence issued by any EU/EEA member state can drive in Malta without the need for additional permits. They can also choose to exchange their driving licence for a Maltese licence if they have been legally resident in Malta for a minimum of 185 days. malta driving licence for foreigners, malta driving licence change of address, serbian driving licence in malta, indian driving licence in malta, change driving licence in malta, turkish driving licence in malta, exchanging driving licence in malta, how to get malta driving licence

Non-EU Driving Licences

Holders of Swiss or Australian licences have the same rights as drivers holding a licence issued by an EU Member State. Any holder of a valid non-EU driving licence is permitted to drive in Malta for a maximum of 12 months following their arrival in the country. After this time they must possess a Maltese licence.

Exchanging a Driving Licence and where to Buy Malta driving licence

Buy Malta driving licence: To exchange a foreign driver’s licence for a Maltese licence, applicants must have been resident in Malta for at least 185 days in the previous 12 months. To apply to exchange a licence, the following documents should be taken to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit in Floriana or Gozo:

For holders of an driving licence issued by an EU member state or Switzerland: an application form for the Exchange of a European Driving Licence (PDF) (for licences issued by EU/EEA member states or Switzerland)

Buy Malta driving licence: Once the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit has confirmed with the appropriate authorities that the applicant’s original licence is valid, a letter is issued to the applicant confirming that the licence can be exchanged. malta driving licence cost, automatic driving licence, driving in malta with indian license, driving license, car licence fees, getting your driving license, malta driving license, a2 driving licence

After receipt of the confirmation letter, applicants should return to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit in Floriana or Gozo with:


  • Their original EU/Swiss/Australian driving licence
  • For holders of an Australian licence, verification of the validity of the driving licence signed by the Australian Authorities
  • The fee for the Maltese licence


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