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Buy Macedonia passport online: The Passport of North Macedonia is the passport issued to citizens of Republic of North Macedonia for the purpose of international travel. Responsibility for their issuance lies with the Ministry of the Interior. The validity of the passport is 5 years for persons 4 to 27 years of age, and 10 years for those 27 years of age and older. For children ages four and under the validity of the passport is limited to two years. The passports conform to the recommended standards (size, composition, layout, technology) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and are biometric passports. macedonia passport stamp, macedonia passport rank, macedonia passport visa, macedonia passport validity, macedonia passport strength, macedonia passport visa free countries 2018, macedonia passport visa free countries, macedonia passport by investment, macedonia passport index, macedonia passport scandal, macedonia passport application, macedonian passport application, macedonian passport application form, get a macedonian passport, macedonian passport, macedonian citizenship passport, macedonia passport visa free countries 2019, macedonian passport cost


Buy Macedonia passport online: From 1945 to 1991, when the present day Republic of North Macedonia was a constituent republic of Yugoslavia, citizens traveled with Yugoslav passports. Under the Yugoslav federal system, each republic had its own variety of passport; in particular, Yugoslav passports issued in SR Macedonia were printed in Macedonian and French, rather than in Serbo-Croatian. The first post-independence Macedonian passports were issued in 1991. The design and contents changed over the years. The first generation passports were blue with a silver color inscription without an emblem. The second generation of Macedonian passports had a golden inscription on the cover and the third generation had the national coat of arms added. The first three generations had only “Република Мaкедонија” and the English translation “Republic of Macedonia” inscribed on the cover page. The fourth generation passport became red with the French translation of the official country name, “République de Macédoine”, added above and “Passeport” below the coat of arms. It was a biometric passport which contained a RFID chip, enabling the storage of biometric and other retrievable data. Previously issued, non-biometric passports remain valid until their stated dates of expiration.

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Buy Macedonia passport online: Passports of North Macedonia are red in colour with the national coat of arms emblazoned in the centre of the front cover. The words “Република Северна Македонија”, optionally followed by the Albanian version “Republika e Maqedonisë së Veriut”, as well as the English “Republic of North Macedonia” and the French “République de Macédoine du Nord” are inscribed above the coat of arms. The words “Пасош”, “PASAPORTË”, “PASSPORT”, and “PASSEPORT” are inscribed below. The passports have the standard biometric symbol at the bottom of the cover page. They contain 32 pages, with the critical information both printed on the data page and stored in the chip. passport macedonia, north macedonia citizenship by investment, work with macedonian passport, travel to germany from macedonia, montenegro citizenship by investment, north macedonia visa free countries, visa to macedonia

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