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Buy Jamaican passport online: GUIDELINES FOR JAMAICAN PASSPORT APPLICATION READ CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING THE PASSPORT APPLICATION FORM 1.0 DOCUMENTS PHOTOCOPIED OR LAMINATED DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED 1.1 Eligibility for aJamaican Passport is based on proof of Jamaican Citizenship. ALL applicants are .therefore required to submit one of the following documents as applicable: * Birth Certificate *Certificate of Registration *Certificate of Naturalization *Adoption Certificate * Letter of Certification of Citizenship 1.2 Persons claiming Jamaican Citizenship by Descent MUST have their claim established BEFORE submitting the application for apassport. The documents required are: * Applicant’s Birth Certificate * Proof of Parent’s Jamaican Citizenship *Two certified passport photographs The Citizenship Unit is located at the 1st Floor, Immigration Citizenship and Passport Division, 25 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 1.3 Passport issuance is also based on credible identification. First time applicants, particularly. are also required to provide one of the following photographic forms of Identification: * National Voter’s Identification * Driver’s Licence * Previous Passport Other identification· (subject to approval by the Passport Officers, e.g. work 10) 1.4 Any name change must be substantiated by documentary evidence. All married or divorced women are required to submit the certified copy of the Marriage Certificate{s) or Divorce Judgement(s), where the married name is being used. A Deed Poll is required for all other name changes. 2.0 PHOTOGRAPHS NO EMBOSSED SEAL SHOULD BE AFFIXED TO PHOTOGRAPHS

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Buy Jamaican passport online: Applicants are required to submit two (2) identical copies of a professionally produced photograph taken not more than six (6) months prior to the application, with the following specifications: • The photographs should be taken in colour with amatte/dull finish, against a plain background. Applicants of light complexion should avoid wearing white clothing and should have the photographs taken against a pastel shaded background. Applicants of dark complexion should wear coloured clothing and photographs should be taken against awhite background. Applicants with hair is grey/white should have photographs taken against a pale blue or grey background. • There should be no reflection from eyeglasses and no background shadows. Excessive light reflection on image is unacceptable. Light distribution should be even throughout photograph. • Photographs should provide afull frontal view of the head, neck and top of the shoulders with ears, as much as possible, clearly visible. Photographs should display appropriately clad images; exposed shoulders and chest are to be avoided. • The applicant should wear no head covering while taking the photograph. However, applicants who must wear hea~gear for religious reasons must indicate their religion at Section H. • The size of the face should be 25mm to 35mm, from the chin to top of head. • When the photograph is cut to asize of about 35mm, there should be a margin of 3mm to 4mm between the head and the edge of the photograph • Photographs submitted with an application become the property of the Government of Jamaica

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