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Buy Italian driving license: After going through the labyrinthine process of getting your permesso di soggiorno, carta d’identità, codice fiscale and health card, (congratulations, by the way) the next step in your integration into Italian society is get your Italian driver’s license.

How do I get an Italian driving Licence?
How much does it cost to get a driver’s license in Italy?
Do I need a Licence to drive in Italy?
Which country driving Licence is valid in Italy?

You’ll find lots of posts on the internet about people’s experience how to get their fake italian driving licence, but since I’m going through the process right now, you may want up-to-date info. In this post, I’ll go through in detail the following:


THE LAW ON HOW TO buy Italian driving license

Buy Italian driving license: If you want to live in Italy and drive, you’ll need an Italian driver’s license. If you’re lucky and you already have a license issued by the EU or one of the countries on this list, you can simply convert your license to an Italian one. However, if you’re not from one of the eligible countries, like if you’re like me and have a license from the USA, during your first year as a resident in Italy, you’ll be able to drive with your license and International Driver’s License, but once that year is up, you’ll have to go to driving school and take the permit and driving exams. (sorry!) Warning: You’ll find on expat forums or Facebook groups that many people say that they’ve been driving for years with their US license and an International driver’s license and have never had any trouble, have even been stopped and let go, but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to continue to drive after your first year. The problem is that often times a law may not be enforced and you may think it’s all okay, until one day you get checked by someone who is enforcing that law. I know it seems that every one breaks the rules and the police don’t bother checking, but it’s your responsibility to know the law and follow it. Buy Italian driving license. italian driving license in usa, italian drivers license, italian driver license, italian driving license in uk, italian driving license in english, italian driving license in canada, italian driving license in australia, italian driving licence for foreigners, italian driving licence in canada, italian driving licence in punjabi, italian driving license test in english, renew italian driving license in uk, italian driving license valid in canada, italian driver license in usa, italian drivers license in australia, italian drivers license in florida, italian driving license for foreigners, italian driver license in australia, italian driver’s license in philippines, italian driver license in california, change italian driving license to uk, convert italian driving license to irish, italian driver’s license, italian driver’s license practice test, italian driver’s license study guide, italian driving license to uk

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