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Buy Iceland passport online: Icelandic nationality law is based upon the principles of jus sanguinis. In other words, descent from an Icelandic parent is the primary method of acquiring Icelandic citizenship. Birth in Iceland to foreign parents does not in itself grant Icelandic citizenship. Icelandic law changed on 1 July 2003 to remove restrictions on dual citizenship. Former Icelandic citizens who lost Icelandic citizenship before this date had until 1 July 2007 to reclaim Icelandic citizenship.

Descent from an Icelandic parent

Buy Iceland passport online: A person acquires Icelandic citizenship at birth if:

  • their mother is an Icelandic citizen; or
  • their father is an Icelandic citizen; or
  • their father or mother is a legal resident in Iceland and has previously held Icelandic citizenship.

Prior to 1 July 1982, acquisition of Icelandic citizenship from an Icelandic mother was restricted. Those born to an Icelandic mother and a foreign father between 1 July 1964 and 30 June 1982 may be permitted to apply for Icelandic citizenship by declaration.

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Naturalisation as an Icelandic citizen/ Buy Iceland passport online

Buy Iceland passport online: A person may be naturalised as an Icelandic citizen after seven years’ residence in Iceland. There are various concessions to the residence requirement:

  • a reduction to four years for a citizen of another Nordic Council country
  • where a person is married to (or in a recognised union with) an Icelandic citizen, the residence requirement is reduced to three years. The Icelandic spouse must have held citizenship for five years, and the marriage must have subsisted for four years.
  • where a person is in a recognised cohabitation with an Icelandic citizen, the residence period is five years and subject to the same criteria as for spouses
  • a reduction to two years for the child of an Icelandic citizen, provided the parent has held Icelandic citizenship for five years
  • one year’s residence is required for former Icelandic citizens
  • the residence requirement for recognised refugees is 5 years
  • a person born in Iceland and not holding any other citizenship may be granted citizenship after three years’ residence.

Applicants are expected to be of good character and capable of supporting themselves in Iceland. Since 1 July 2003, applicants have not been required to renounce any foreign citizenship they may hold.

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