Iceland Death Certificate




Procedure to Buy Iceland death certificate

Buy Iceland death certificate:

  • You may order a birth, death or marriage certificate online and pay by credit card. You may only order a certificate for yourself, your children and individuals under your custody. And you can not place an online request for a Historical Marriage Certificate (Price: 6,800 kr.)
  • Certificates that will be issued to you are based on the registration information kept at the National Register.
  • To be able to place an online request for a certificate, you will need to log in. It may take you 5-10 minutes to obtain the key you will need to do online banking, then log in, change it and provide information about your contact number and email address.
  • All certificates are sent by post . You may also request for your certificate be sent to your email address, this is possible for orders received online or upon presentation of a valid ID at the reception desk.

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How do I get the Apostille?

Buy Iceland death certificate: Once you have obtained a certificate with a physical signature, you must make a purchase for the Apostille/legalisation as well as any. An Apostille/legalisation costs DKK 200.

Once you have made your purchase, you must proceed with one of the following

  • Show up at our office during business hours with the certificate signed by an employee of “Sundhedsdatastyrelsen”. It must be the original document. A copy or scan of the signature cannot be accepted. Remember the receipt from the purchase. The document will be legalised while you wait.
  • Send us the original certificate (signed by “Sundhedsdatastyrelsen”) by post. Remember to enclose the receipt for the purchase and the return postage. The processing time for documents received by mail is up to 5 business days, counting from the day we receive the document in the office. We will then send the document back using the selected delivery method.

What if I already have an original death certificate, can you Buy Iceland death certificate

Buy Iceland death certificate: If you already have an original death certificate signed and issued by a doctor/private physician, we can sometimes legalise the certificate immediately. We can only legalise the certificate if the doctor is registered in our system. If we do not have the doctor/signer in the system, we will need to contact the doctor and get confirmation that the signature is genuine. death certificate after 21 days, death certificate after cremation, death certificate after inquest, death certificate after death, death certificate after 10 years, death certificate after post mortem, death certificate required, death certificate in chennai, death certificate in tamilnadu, death certificate in kerala, death certificate in karnataka, death certificate in delhi


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