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Initial Procedures to Buy Greece death certificate

Buy Greece death certificate: The local municipal authorities (usually the Civil Registration Office) in Greece have responsibility for recording births, marriages and deaths.

In the event of a death occurring in the home, it is best to contact the family doctor (Embassies provide details of English-speaking doctors) or, failing that, the local police.

A death certificate is prepared and issued. This can be done by a doctor, or the hospital if the death occurred there. The cause of death is usually noted, but may be amended following further investigation.

  • The telephone number for emergencies is 166

Reporting and Registering a Death

A death must be declared within three days at the local Civil Registration Office (Lixiarcheion/??????????) where the death took place. A civil registry death certificate is issued. The person declaring the death will need to supply the deceased’s identification papers, plus the death certificate prepared by the doctor/hospital.

Investigation of a death and when you can Buy Greece death certificate

Buy Greece death certificate: In the case of any death in Greece, the local Examining Magistrate will consider the case. If there are no unusual circumstances surrounding the death, registration of the death is permitted and the family is given permission to bury the body or have it prepared for repatriation. However, if the Examining Magistrate is not satisfied after a preliminary examination, an autopsy may be requested. Further investigations and interviews with witnesses may also be called for before a decision is reached as to cause of death. Greek authorities are restrictive with information concerning a death, and may not release post-mortem and police reports even to Consulates. All documentation will almost certainly be in Greek and the services of a lawyer will be necessary to obtain it. If a foreign national finds themselves in this situation, consular staff can provide contacts for English-speaking lawyers. greece birth records online, what happens when someone dies in greece, cremation in greece, modern greek death rituals, certificate of municipal registration greece, family status certificate greece, greek marriage certificate, wills in greece

Consular death registration

Buy Greece death certificate: There is no legal obligation for a death of a foreign national to be registered with their Consular Office in Greece. However, many people go through this process simply to obtain a death certificate in their country’s standard format. Apply at the Consulate or Embassy to begin the process. Standard documentation, including passport or residency card plus the locally issued death certificates of the deceased, are required.


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