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Buy Georgian passport online: You can apply for a residence permit by registering your company in Georgia, this is one of the best ways to obtain a residence permit in Georgia that you are called as an entrepreneur and start a business, however, this requires maintaining an account. And taxes. All purchases you make for the company must have receipts, and it is advisable to make high-value purchases from your bank account so that you can properly calculate and pay for your accounts with a micro accountant. Of course, our consultants will guide you along this path. Registering a business in Georgia and activating the aforementioned company and obtaining a Georgian residence card within a month, usually a Georgian ID card or ID card, first issued one year and then three and five years later. For more information on company registration and the different types and models of companies in Georgia, see this link (Company Registration Terms link). There is a lot to learn about the following: georgian passport visa free countries, georgian passport for sale, georgian passport number, georgian passport holder visa free countries, georgian passport stamp, georgian passport ranking, georgian passport by investment, georgian passport visa free countries list, georgian passport visa on arrival countries, get a georgian passport, georgian passport by marriage, georgian passport book number, buy georgian passport, georgian biometric passport

Residence Georgia by buying property

Buy Georgian passport online: Under current Georgian law, any foreigner can obtain a Georgian residence card for a period of one year and for as long as the property in question is owned by purchasing property for at least US $ 2, without having to register in Georgia or pay taxes. He is a foreign national. The law of residence of Georgia provides you with a good opportunity to buy a property that has not been adopted and implemented by the Georgian Parliament for a very long time, and if you join Georgia in the future you can almost permanently reside in this way. Ran.
It should be noted that obtaining a Georgian residence card through the purchase of a property after six years of renewal will result in obtaining a Georgian passport, although there are certain conditions you can contact our advisors. For information on how to buy property, prices and apartments in Georgia, see this link (links to ready to sell apartments)

Residence Georgia through investment/ where to Buy Georgian passport online

Buy Georgian passport online: Under current Georgian law, an investor is told to invest at least $ 120,000 directly in Georgia. Those who make less than $ 120,000 in Georgia and intend to obtain a Georgian residency through a company registration are called entrepreneurs. Note that in investment matters you should receive receipts from all that you are spending and your case must be complete, even in cash investment you need to provide your capital information with documentation. Authentic, justified not to consider options such as money laundering by inspectors because the government is very sensitive in these cases, your source of capital should be completely transparent.
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