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How to Buy Georgia driving licence

Buy Georgia driving licence: Getting your Georgia learners permit and Georgia drivers license can be a confusing process, so we decided to make it easy. Just follow the steps, and you’ll be a licensed driver in no time!

Start Your Learners Permit Process with Georgia Drivers Ed

Buy Georgia driving licence: If you’re 16 years of age and wondering how to get a Georgia drivers license, your first step is completing a Joshua’s Law drivers ed course. Teens 15 to 16 years old are required to complete a 30-hour course approved by the state before applying for their Georgia learners permit. Here’s all the information you need in order to get started:  georgia driving license, georgia driving license department, georgia driving license requirements, getting a driver’s licence in georgia, georgia driving license rules, georgia driving license restrictions, georgia driving licence requirements, georgia driver license rules, georgia driver license requirements, ga driver’s licence address change, georgia driving license check, georgia driving license status, georgia driving license verification, georgia driving license validity, georgia driver’s license military, georgia veterans driver’s license, georgia drivers license for international, georgia driving license renewal for h1b receipt, georgia driver’s license requirements for 18 year olds, georgia driver’s license requirements for 16 year-olds

PHASE 1: Georgia Learners Permit (Class CP) and how to Buy Georgia driving licence: 

Buy Georgia driving licence:

  • You must be at least 15 years of age.
  • Under Joshua’s Law, eligible Georgia teen drivers 16 and under are required to take a 30-hour drivers ed course before applying for their license along with 40 hours of behind-the-wheel training, 6 of which must be at night.
  • Georgia drivers 17 and older are only required to take the 40-hour behind-the-wheel training.
  • You must have the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) card.
  • There will be a written examination that you must pass. If you do (and therefore receive your permit), you must have a licensed (Class C) adult over the age of 21 with you while driving.
  • You must also pass a vision exam.

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PHASE 2: Provisional Georgia Drivers License (Class D) 

When a driver has held an instructional drivers permit for 12 months and is at least 16 years of age, he or she can apply for their Georgia intermediate drivers license. To earn this type of drivers license, there is a driving test they must pass. Once the intermediate license has been acquired, the intermediate drivers license holder may only drive under the following conditions:
  • The first 6 months: you may only have immediate family members as passengers
  • The second 6 months after receipt of license: you may only drive 1 non-family passenger under 21 years of age
  • One year (12 months) after receipt of license: you may drive a maximum of 3 non-family passengers under the age of 21
  • You may not drive between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m.


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