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HOW TO Buy French death certificate

Buy French death certificate:

  1. In person or by letter visit the Office of the Mayor (La Mairie)  either where the death occurred or where the deceased resided with all the required documents
  2. The mairie will verify the documents, enter the death on the civil registry and provide a death certificate indicating the date, time and place (but not necessarily the cause) of death.
  3. If the request for the death certificate is by letter, the letter must be accompany by a self- addressed and stamped envelope of the applicant.
  4. For French nationals, the mairie will also add the date and place of death next to the deceased’s entry in the livret de famille or birth certificate.

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Apply Online or Buy French death certificate


Buy French death certificate:


  1. On the new page, Under reason for the request box select others and enter your postal code and town under municipal where the marriage was registered then click on following
  2. You will be relocated to the next page under (type of act) fill it correctly in accordance to the type of death certificate you are applying for i.e. (full copy or multilingual )
  3. You will then be redirected to the next page under (identification) fill it correctly then click on following
  4. Than finally you will be redirected to the last page under (summary and send) verify all the information is correct then click on send
    NB. NOT all cities in France allow you to order a death certificate online.
  5. Select death certificate then click online services and forms
  6. Select the request form on where the death occurred I.e. (in France or abroad)
  7. Processed with filling the request form if the service is available in the city where the death occurred.The death certificate (acte de décès) provides information on where and when death took place but does not indicate the cause of death.

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