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Issuing Documents from the Register on how to Buy Czech death certificate

Buy Czech death certificate: The Office of Vital Records delivers the original of a required document into the hands of an eligible person who must sign a receipt of delivery. In the case that a certificate of birth, marriage or death is lost the Office of Vital Records may issue a copy.

The following persons may apply for a document from the Register of Vital Records:

Buy Czech death certificate:

  • the individual concerned or his/her spouse, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, or authorised representatives;
  • state or self-governing authorities for official use only;
  • statutory bodies of churches or authorised priests in the case of Registers of Vital Records maintained by churches until 31 December 1949,
  • an individual who proves that such documents are necessary to exercise his/her rights in relation to state or self-governing authorities.
An applicant should contact, either personally or in writing, the Office of Vital Records under whose jurisdiction falls the municipality where the individual (natural person) whose document is concerned was born, entered into marriage or passed away. If the document concerns the birth, marriage or death of a national of the Czech Republic abroad then the applicant must contact a special register maintained by the Office of Brno-střed.

The applicant must submit the following to Buy Czech death certificate:

  • a document proving his/her identity;
  • a public deed (for example a birth certificate, certificate of birth and christening, or a certificate of marriage) or a document which can prove that the records regarding birth, marriage or death concern the members of the applicant’s family, or his/her siblings, or which proves that such records are necessary to exercise his/her rights in relation to state or self-governing authorities;
  • a notarised power of attorney if such application is submitted by an authorised representative.
No prescribed forms have been specified.


Buy Czech death certificate: No administrative fee is charged for issuing an original document from the Register of Vital Records.
An administrative fee of CZK 100 is charged for issuing a duplicate (i.e. exact copy) of the birth, marriage or death certificate (this is paid in cash or by a postal cheque).


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