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Buy Cuban passport online: Cuban passports are issued to citizens of Cuba to facilitate international travel. They are valid for 6 years from the date of issuance, but have to be extended every 2 years. The cost of issue of this passport is about US$200 (CUC 200) and US$200 for every two years if one person lives in the United States. In Ireland the cost of passport is about 370 Euros. In addition a Cuban national must pay 200 Euros every two years if the person lives outside of Cuba in order to gain permission to enter Cuba. Without this permission and a Cuban passport a Cuban cannot enter the island and will be denied entry.

Until 14 January 2013, the Cuban government required that all Cuban citizens and foreigners such as foreign students that live in Cuba desiring to leave the country would have to obtain an exit permit (SpanishPermiso de Salida). cuban passport visa, cuban passport visa free countries, cuban passport cost, cuban passport requirements, cuban passport prorroga, cuban passport visa requirements, cuban passport renewal cost, cuban passport travel without visa, cuban passport renewal, cuban passport application, cuban passport photo size, cuban passport renewal near me, cuban passport renewal canada, cuban passport ranking, cuban passport agency, cuban passport agency near me, cuban passport application form pdf, cuban passport agency in miami, cuban passport renewal application form, cuban passport extension application form, get a cuban passport, apply for a cuban passport, cost of a cuban passport, how much is a cuban passport, how much does a cuban passport cost

Passport message on where to Buy Cuban passport online

Buy Cuban passport online: Passports of many countries contain a message, nominally from the official who is in charge of passport issuance, addressed to authorities of other countries. The message identifies the bearer as a citizen of the issuing country, requests that he or she be allowed to enter and pass through the other country, and requests further that, when necessary, he or she be given help consistent with international norms. In Cuban passports, the message is in Spanish, French and English. The message is:

Buy Cuban passport online:

in Spanish:

La autoridad que expide el presente pasaporte en nombre del Gobierno de la República de Cuba, certifica que el Titular es ciudadano cubano y en tal virtud solicita a las autoridades civiles y militares de los países por donde transite le presten la asistencia y protección necesarias.

in French:

L’autorité qui émet le présent passeport au nom du Gouvernment de la République de Cuba certifie que son titulaire est citoyen cubain et, en foi de quoi, prie les autorités civiles et militaires des pays où voyage le porteur de bien vouloir lui prêter l’assistance et la protection nécessaire.

and in English:

The authority issuing the present passport on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Cuba certifies that the bearer is a Cuban citizen and, in virtue of this, requests the civil and military authorities of the countries through which he travels to provide him with whatever protection and assistance he needs.


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