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In the Event of a Death, you can Buy Bulgaria death certificate

Buy Bulgaria death certificate:

  1. If the death does not take place in a hospital contact a General Practitioner (GP). If necessary the doctor will request the presence of the police or a medical expert.
  2. The GP attending the body, or doctor at a hospital, completes a form: the Announcement of Death (????????? ?? ?????). This is not a Certificate of Death (??????? ???). The Announcement establishes the event and gives detailed information on the cause and circumstances under which the person has died.
  3. Once the Announcement of Death is issued by a doctor, the document must be registered at the municipality in which the death took place so that a Certificate of Death can be issued.
  4. The Certificate of Death gives legal permission for a burial to take place. It must be issued by the authorities within 48 hours, and is free of charge.

Registration of a Death and where to Buy Bulgaria death certificate 

Buy Bulgaria death certificate: The Announcement of Death should be taken to the Citizen’s office (?????????? ?????????) of the local Town Hall as soon as possible. This should be done by next-of-kin, or if they were not present, by anyone else present at the time of death. This person must take proof of identity when registering the death. The Citizen’s office will then issue the Certificate of Death within 48 hours. This is required for burial to take place. death traditions in bulgaria, bulgarian birth certificate, bulgarian marriage certificate, getting married in bulgaria for foreigners, bulgarian funeral flowers, marrying a bulgarian woman, ministry of justice bulgarian citizenship, Contents of the Certificate of Death

Buy Bulgaria death certificate, The Certificate of Death states:

  • The place where the Certificate is issued (municipality, town)
  • Certificate number and date of issue
  • Date, day of the week and exact hour of death
  • Exact place of death (country, municipality, town)
  • Cause of death
  • Name and surname of the deceased, place and date of birth, identity card number, age, gender, nationality, marital status, permanent address
  • Names of the deceased’s parents, identity card numbers and address (if applicable)
  • Name, identity card number and permanent address of the person that registered the death
  • Name, identity card number and signature of the person issuing the Certificate of Death
  • The Announcement of Death and any other certificate that identifies death are enclosed
  • Any other relevant information


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