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Appearance and issuance/ where to Buy Belizean passport online

Buy Belizean passport online: The issuance of passports is governed by the Passports Act (Cap. 164. In early 2004, Belize suffered a “passport crisis” due to a shortage of blank passports when a delivery from the country’s United Kingdom-based passport supplier De La Rue was delayed. The Ministry of Home Affairs tried to handle the crisis by recalling unused passport blanks from Belizean diplomatic missions abroad, while newspapers urged those who did not immediately need passports to wait until September or October when the switchover to the new machine-readable passports would begin. The problem came to an end in August, though delays in issuance of up to four weeks persisted. In 2009, Belize began issuing passports in the common CARICOM design, with additional security features such as intaglio printing of certain text, a guilloché pattern on the inside pages, and a “ghost image” on the biodata pages.

U.S. Citizens Residing in Belize, how they Buy Belizean passport online

Buy Belizean passport online: Many U.S. citizens reside in Belize, part-time or even as their primary home.  The U.S. Embassy is not expert in Belize immigration or residency requirements, and we recommend you call the Department of Immigration and Nationality at 011-501-822-3860/822-0739 or email to with specific questions.  We provide the following information as general guidelines; ultimately, immigration officers around the country have discretion to determine when a U.S. citizen is no longer a visitor and when they are in fact resident.

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Residency in Belize

Buy Belizean passport online:

  • Belize does not require U.S. citizens to have visas to visit Belize, and U.S. citizens can remain in the country for 1 month for no fee
  • Immigration authorities can renew your visitor permit for a period of time, usually viewed as a few months
  • There are various residency programs in Belize, including the Qualified Retirement Program run by the Belize Tourism Board.  Each program has slightly different requirements, including requirements to prove specific amounts of monthly income.  Please contact Belizean immigration authorities for those requirements.


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