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  • The Belgian government announced changes to the conditions for qualifying for a Belgian driver’s license. These are expected to become operational by 1 October 2017. Changes include a nine-month driving requirement (instead of three months) for new drivers before they can take the official test. The test will also cover more maneuvers and GPS skills. Drivers who want to train learners privately, such as parents, will only be able after taking a course; either a three-course at a private driving school or a course from an independent instructor. As a result of the rules becoming stricter, driving centers have reported an increase in requests for Belgian licenses.
  • Starting in 2017, Brussels will impose a ban on translators in driving license tests. Instead, pre-recorded translations will be available for all questions in the most frequently spoken languages, such as English, German, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, and Italian.
  • As of March 2017, Flanders announced that theoretical driving license tests can only be taken in Dutch, or with the assistance of an interpreter in French, German, or English. Fees range from €50–90 for the assistance of an interpreter depending on the test.
  • From June 2017, it has also become more difficult to pass the theoretical test; five points will be deducted for serious mistakes, instead of previously one.

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Is your driving license valid in Belgium?

Buy Belgian driving license: European Union countries have agreements in place with Belgium that recognize foreign licenses, allowing their citizens to drive in Belgium. Similiarly, non-EU drivers can also drive in Belgium using their foreign driver’s license. However, in some cases an international driving permit may be requested. Check with your home country. belgium driving license exchange, cost of driving license in belgium, international driving license belgium, driving exam centers in belgium, indian driving license in belgium, belgium driving license validity, driving license brussels, belgium driving license book in english

Buy Belgian driving license: Non-EU drivers typically must exchange their foreign license for a Belgian driving license after six months or after registering as a Belgian resident. Read on to find out if you need to exchange your foreign driver’s license, and see more about the rules for driving in Belgium.


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