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Ordering copies of civil status documents online can permit you to Buy Austrian death certificate

Buy Austrian death certificate: You can order the following documents online:

  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • civil partnership certificate
  • death certificate

Please note that you can only order civil status documents online

  • if the birth, marriage, registered partnership or death the document refers to has taken place in Vienna, and/or
  • if the person concerned in the document has their primary residence in Vienna, and
  • for births or deaths that occurred on or after 1 January 1939, and for marriages conducted on or after 1 August 1938.

To order documents online, you must know the civil status details of the person concerned. However, if the only information you have is the register office (“Standesamt”) where the birth, marriage or death was registered, you can contact the register office directly to get further information. austrian birth records online, salzburg austria death records, austria births and baptisms, 1651-1940, ancestry austria, american marrying an austrian, birth certificate, austrian census records, vienna austria obituaries

Please take note of the specific requirements to order civil status documents online.

There is a fee if you order civil status documents online!


Buy Austrian death certificate: The following persons have the right to obtain copies of civil status documents (unless protecting the interests of the person concerned in the document takes precedence over the applicant’s interest):

  • The persons concerned in the documents,
  • their spouses
  • their registered partners
  • their direct-line descendants and ancestors (but not their siblings or other relatives)
  • applicants who have a legitimate interest in obtaining a copy of the civil status document in question.

An applicant is said to have a “legitimate interest” in receiving a document if there is a valid legal basis entitling the applicant to receive third party data (e.g. if documents are made available to a notary public in a probate procedure). This will therefore mainly be claimed by public authorities or registered professionals. birth certificate replacement, replacement birth certificate, birth certificate uk, uk birth certificates, uk birth certificate

Documents required to Buy Austrian death certificate

Buy Austrian death certificate: Please bring a valid photo identification document (ID) to your personal appointment.


  • The fee for written applications (letter, fax, e-mail, online order) is at EUR 14.30.
  • An additional fee of EUR 9.30 is payable for each civil status document ordered.
  • Your register office will inform you on the different payment options available.


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