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Acquisition of Armenian citizenship and how to Buy Armenian passport online

Buy Armenian passport online: The citizenship of Armenia is acquired:

  • through recognition of citizenship;
  • by birth;
  • through acceptance into citizenship;
  • through the restoration of the citizenship;
  • through acceptance into citizenship by group;
  • by the basis provided by the international treaties of Armenia.

It includes the right of return for members of the Armenian diaspora.


Buy Armenian passport online: A child born in Armenia acquires the citizenship of Armenia if:

  • the parents hold Armenian citizenship at the moment of the child’s birth regardless of the place of the birth;
  • one parent holds Armenian citizenship at the moment of the child’s birth, whilst the other parent is unknown or stateless.

If, at the moment of child’s birth, one of the parents holds an Armenian citizenship and the other parent is a foreign citizen, the determination of the child’s citizenship is based on a written consent of both parents.

A child of stateless persons who was born in the territory of Armenia acquires citizenship of Armenia. romanian passport online, apply for romanian passport online, renew romanian passport online, renew my romanian passport online, romanian passport application online, romanian passport application form online

Recognition and where to Buy Armenian passport online

Buy Armenian passport online: The following persons are recognised as citizens of Armenia:

  • Citizens of the former Arm. SSR permanently residing on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, who until the enactment of the Constitution, have not acquired citizenship of another State or have rejected that citizenship;
  • Stateless persons or former citizens of other USSR republics who are not foreign citizens, permanently residing in the RA and before 31 December 2003, have applied for the acquisition of the RA citizenship (amended on 20 March 2002);
  • Former citizens of the Armenian SSR, who live outside the Republic of Armenia and have not acquired citizenship of another country (amended on 12 April 2001).

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