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HOW TO GET THE RESIDENCY IN ANDORRA and Buy Andorra passport online

Buy Andorra passport online: Despite not being part of the EU, Andorra has free movement agreements with Spain and France, meaning that European Union citizens can enter the country and stay for 90 days without a visa.

But what happens to the rest? How can you obtain a residency in Andorra so you can start working and living in the country? The immigration system of the country contemplates two types of residencies, Andorra passport visa requirements,:

• two visas that will allow you to work in Andorra (ACTIVE RESIDENCY).

• two visas will allow you to become a resident in the country while you conduct your economic activities outside this territory (PASSIVE RESIDENCY).

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Buy Andorra passport online: For who? Those who will keep their company/job outside Andorra only need to spend part of the year in the country.

Requirements. You will have to invest 50.000€ in a government bond (refundable) at the beginning of your residency and 10.000€ for each additional family member. Within the first six months of your stay, you must demonstrate you have invested 400.000€ in the country.

Conditions. The minimum required to stay in the country is 90 days per year.

Processing time. 3 to 8 weeks, it is one of the permits that is easier to get.

From the above, we can now move to the second category, which is Category B

CATEGORY B (PASSIVE RESIDENCY)/Where to Buy Andorra Passport Online

Buy Andorra passport online: For who? For those willing to set up a company in Andorra that will operate mainly with clients abroad and how to get Andorra residency, .

Requirements. As in category A, you must invest 50.000€ in a bond plus 10.000€ for each family member. Furthermore, you must create a company within the country’s first seven months of residency and Andorra citizenship by marriage.

Conditions. Stay in Andorra for at least 90 days per year. 10% of your company profits will be taxed in the country.

Processing time. Around four months in total, as your business plan must be reviewed.

The above will give detailed information about residency and buying an Andorra passport online.

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Andorra Passport:

Are you dreaming of exploring the stunning landscapes and rich culture of Andorra? If so, obtaining an Andorran passport is key to unlocking this picturesque European gem. We will delve into the intricacies of Andorra’s passport requirements, how to secure one for yourself, and even touch on the unique allure of  Andorra passport visa free countries 2018, . 

Andorra Passport Stamp:

Every traveller cherishes when a new stamp adorns their passport, symbolizing another adventure in their memory. The Andorran passport stamp holds its charm, a tiny yet significant memento of your visit to this charming microstate nestled in the Pyrenees. Picture yourself standing at customs, anticipation building as you await that satisfying thud of ink meeting paper, forever marking your Andorra passport ranking, . Each stamp tells a story – a snippet of time frozen within those intricate designs that vary from country to country. The Andorran passport stamp is more than just an official endorsement; it’s a visual reminder of the experiences and Andorra passport visa free countries,. 

Andorra Passport Requirements:

Here are the requirements you need to meet. To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate a clean criminal record and provide proof of their identity through valid documentation such as a birth certificate or national ID card. Additionally, individuals seeking an Andorran passport must show evidence of sufficient financial means to support themselves while Andorra passport by investment, . This may include bank statements or employment verification documents. Fluency in Catalan, the official language of Andorra, is also typically required, along with passing a language proficiency test. Furthermore, applicants may need a medical examination to ensure they are healthy and free from contagious diseases. 

How to Get an Andorra Passport:

Familiarize yourself with the requirements for eligibility. Andorra has specific criteria that applicants must meet to qualify for citizenship, including a passport. One of the key requirements is residency in Andorra. To apply for citizenship, European Union citizens must have been legal residents in the country for a certain period. This demonstrates your commitment to becoming a part of the community and culture. Another crucial step is understanding the application process. 


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