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Buy Andorra Driving Licence:

Buy Andorra Driving Licence: New residents, whether passive or active, have one year from entry to Andorra to apply for an Andorran driving license in exchange for their current one from their country of origin if they are from one of the countries listed below. Every applicant MUST first be inscribed at the local Comú in the area where he lives, and he will require the following documents:-

1) A completed local application form,

2) A medical certificate from a local doctor is easy to obtain.

3) A recent color passport-sized photo, and they no longer accept a machine-generated photo; it must be professionally taken.

4) Original and photocopy of both sides of the foreign driving license.

The countries with which Andorra exchanges the license:-

Buy Andorra driving license: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, and how to move to Andorra

However, be warned that the government will keep your original driving license; they used to print a cancellation on it. It is up to you whether you will pursue a replacement from your original country; certainly, France, Spain, and Portugal will send the license back. For these countries, please do not attempt to claim you have lost it to get a new one!

How can I take a local test and Buy an Andorra driving license?

Buy Andorra driving license: You have two years from the date of your entry to Andorra to apply for this test in another language, such as in English, failing which after the two years is up, you are only allowed to take it in Catalan !! Passive and active residents can own an Andorran-registered vehicle. Still, you will require an Andorran driving license to drive it legally.

 You have a friendly English-speaking driving instructor, and you can now access and practice the theory exam online from the comfort of your living room, so the “starting from scratch” procedure is not that demanding.

A driving test in Andorra is a multiple-choice theory exam followed by a practical test normally held on Wednesday mornings. As a new resident here, there is understandably a concern about having to sit an exam after so many years of driving!

Andorra Driving License:

If so, you’ll need to know all about getting your hands on an Andorra driving license. From navigating the process of obtaining one to understanding Andorra license plates and Andorra residency in this charming European country, we’ve got you covered. 

Driving License in Andorra:

Buy Andorra Driving Licence is a straightforward process for residents and non-residents. To apply, you must visit the Traffic Department in Andorra la Vella with your valid passport, proof of residency, and  living in Andorra. The next step involves passing a medical examination to ensure you can drive on this picturesque country’s roads. Once you have completed these requirements, you must pass theoretical and practical driving exams. The theoretical test covers road rules and regulations specific to Andorra, while the practical exam assesses your ability to operate a vehicle safely in various traffic conditions.

Andorra License Plates:

Andorra license plates are a distinctive feature of vehicles in this small European country. Each plate is unique and bears the national emblem, making them easily recognizable on the road. The design typically includes a blue band at the top with the country’s name written in white and a pattern of numbers and letters. The Andorran license plates are formatted according to a practical test, consisting of four numbers followed by three letters. This system helps authorities efficiently track and identify vehicles registered in the country. 

International Driver’s License Andorra:

Are you planning to explore the beautiful roads of Andorra as an international driver? If so, you might wonder about the requirements for obtaining an international driver’s license in this charming country in the Pyrenees Mountains. An international driver’s license is a handy document that translates your native driving credentials into  medical certificate, making it easier for authorities to understand your qualifications behind the wheel. While many countries recognize international licenses, it’s important to check if Andorra accepts them, too.


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