Slovenian Passport for Sale: Are you interested in the idea of freely traveling across Europe? Perhaps you have considered settling down in a peaceful and picturesque country like Slovenia and making it your home. Well, you may be pleased to learn that obtaining a Slovenian passport is a relatively straightforward process. In fact, it is even available for purchase. That’s right, for a certain price, you too can acquire a Slovenian passport and gain access to over 180 destinations around the world without needing a visa. However, before you start planning your journey, it’s essential to meet a few requirements to qualify for this passport. Don’t worry though, if you have the funds and patience, you can obtain a second passport from Slovenia and embark on a new life of adventure in Europe. Keep reading to discover how you can make this a reality.

Why Buy a Slovenian Passport?

Why would you want a Slovenian passport for sale? There are several benefits to obtaining Slovenian citizenship through investment.

First, Slovenia is a member of the European Union, so a Slovenian passport grants you the right to live, work, and travel freely within the EU. You’ll have access to 28 countries with no borders or restrictions.

Second, Slovenia has a high standard of living and ranks highly in quality of life. As a Slovenian citizen, you can enjoy an excellent healthcare system, stunning natural scenery, and a safe, eco-friendly country.

Finally, a Slovenian passport is a solid investment in your future and security. By holding an EU passport, you have more options for education, employment, healthcare, and retirement. Your ability to travel and do business globally expands significantly.

To obtain Slovenian citizenship through investment, you’ll need to invest in government bonds, establish a company in Slovenia that creates economic benefit and jobs, or invest in real estate. The process typically takes 6-24 months and requires some time spent in the country.

While the investment amounts aren’t small, a Slovenian passport can be life-changing. You get the benefits of EU citizenship along with a beautiful country to call home. For the right investor seeking more freedom of movement and a strong Plan B, a Slovenian passport for sale may be a smart choice.

Qualifying for Slovenian Citizenship by Investment

So you want to get your hands on a Slovenian passport, huh? Lucky for you, Slovenia offers citizenship through investment. To qualify, there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet.

First, you’ll have to invest in the Slovenian economy, typically in the form of real estate, company shares, or government bonds. The minimum investment amount is around €100,000. The exact amount depends on the investment type and how it’s expected to benefit Slovenia.

You’ll also need to have a clean criminal record and pass a health exam. Slovenia wants to make sure you won’t be a burden on their healthcare system or legal system.

Another requirement is that you’ll have to spend a certain amount of time in Slovenia before and after obtaining citizenship. Usually, it’s around 5 to 10 days per year for the first 5 years. This helps demonstrate your ties to the country.

Finally, you’ll need to learn some basics of Slovene, the official language. You don’t need to be fluent, but you should understand greetings, common phrases, and fundamental vocabulary.

If you meet these key requirements, you stand a good chance of obtaining Slovenian citizenship and passport. The process typically takes 6 to 18 months. Once approved, you’ll have access to live, work or study anywhere in the European Union thanks to Slovenia being part of the EU.

Not a bad deal if you want an EU passport and citizenship in a country with stunning natural scenery. With the right investment and preparation, a Slovenian passport could be yours.

Applying for a Slovenian Passport: The Process

To obtain a Slovenian passport for sale, you’ll need to go through the proper application process. This involves several steps:

Gather the Required Documents

To apply for a Slovenian passport, you’ll first need to gather some important documents:

  • Your original birth certificate and a certified copy
  • Proof of Slovenian citizenship such as parents’ birth or citizenship certificates
  • A valid government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license
  • Two identical photos of yourself that meet the passport photo requirements

Fill Out the Passport Application Form

Next, you need to complete Form PPS-01, the official Slovenian passport application. You can find this on the Slovenian embassy website for your country of residence. Provide truthful information as any false statements can lead to legal prosecution.

Submit Your Application at the Embassy or Consulate

Schedule an appointment to submit your completed application, documents, and photos at the Slovenian embassy or consulate nearest you. Be prepared for an interview to verify your identity and citizenship. The consular officer will review your application and documents to ensure everything is in order before accepting it.

Application Processing and Issuance

After submitting your application, it typically takes around 30 business days for processing. Your passport will be printed in Slovenia and shipped to the embassy or consulate where you applied. Once it has arrived, they will contact you to come pick it up. At this final stage, you will need to pay the required passport fees which currently total around $100 USD or €90 EUR for an adult passport with a 10-year validity.

With some preparation and patience, you can successfully obtain a Slovenian passport. Following each step carefully and providing the necessary documents will help ensure there are no delays or complications with your application. Staying in touch with the embassy or consulate throughout the process is also advisable in case any questions come up or additional details are needed. If issued, your new Slovenian passport will allow you to travel freely as a citizen of Slovenia.

Documents Required to Apply for a Slovenian Passport

To apply for a Slovenian passport, you’ll need to provide several important documents to prove your eligibility. Gathering these papers in advance will make the application process quicker and easier.

Proof of Slovenian Citizenship

The most critical document is evidence that you are a citizen of Slovenia, either by birth, descent, or naturalization. This could be your Slovenian birth or naturalization certificate, or proof that one of your parents is a Slovenian citizen.

Government-Issued Photo ID

You’ll need to provide a current government-issued photo ID, such as your Slovenian national ID card. A driver’s license or passport from another country you hold citizenship in will also be accepted.

Evidence of Identity

In addition to your photo ID, submit other documents that prove your identity like your birth certificate. Baptismal or military records may also be used. Anything with your full name, date of birth, and place of birth will help establish your identity.

Passport Photos

You’ll need to provide two identical color passport photos that meet the Slovenian passport photo requirements. The photos must be professionally printed and measure 35-40mm in width and 45-50mm in height. Glasses cannot be worn in the photos unless medically required.


The current fee for an ordinary Slovenian passport is €48 for applicants over 18 years of age. The fee must be paid when you submit your application, either in cash, with a bank card, or postal money order.

Following the required steps and having all the necessary papers ready when you apply will streamline the process of obtaining your Slovenian passport. Provide truthful and accurate information, double-check that your documents are in order, and soon you’ll have your passport in hand, opening up the opportunity to travel freely as a citizen of Slovenia.

Costs and Timeframe to Obtain a Slovenian Passport

Obtaining a Slovenian passport typically takes between 3 to 6 months and can cost between $5,000 to $100,000 USD or more, depending on the method you choose. There are a few options to consider:

Investor Program

To qualify for Slovenia’s Investor Program, you’ll need to invest at least €100,000 EUR (around $125,000 USD) in government bonds, shares or real estate in Slovenia. The investment needs to be held for at least 5 years. While the most expensive path, it is the fastest, taking around 3 months.

Descent or Marriage

If you have Slovenian ancestors or are married to a Slovenian citizen, you may be eligible for citizenship through descent or marriage. You’ll need to provide documents proving your Slovenian heritage or marriage. The process can take 6-18 months and government fees are around $500 USD.


To naturalize as a Slovenian citizen, you typically need to live in Slovenia continuously for 10 years. You must be employed, financially self-sufficient, and pass Slovenian language and culture tests. Government fees are around $500 USD and the process takes around 12 months.

No matter the method, you’ll need to submit an application, provide various documents like your birth certificate, marriage certificate, police records, photos, and more. The exact documents depend on your specific situation. The government processing fees, translation fees, and agent/lawyer fees typically add $2,000 to $10,000 USD to the total cost.

The timeframe and cost can vary for many reasons, so the estimates here should only be used as a rough guide. But following the necessary steps and instructions carefully, staying patient through the lengthy process, and working with an experienced agent can help ensure you obtain that coveted Slovenian passport as smoothly as possible.


So there you have it, all the steps you need to take to obtain a Slovenian passport for sale. It may seem complicated, but if you follow the process and have your paperwork in order, you’ll have that coveted EU passport in your hands before you know it. A new world of travel freedom and opportunity awaits. No more visas or restrictions to hold you back from exploring Europe and beyond. Think of the possibilities – the charming cobblestone streets of Ljubljana, the stunning Julian Alps, the Adriatic coast. A Slovenian passport can make it all a reality. While the investment in time and money may be significant, the rewards of expanded mobility and access are well worth it. You have nothing to lose and a whole continent to gain. What are you waiting for? Start the process today and get ready to say “Zivjo, Slovenija!” Hello, freedom!

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